You’re still here — an epiphany about how God kept me alive today

Numbers 25-27

Have you ever really considered the miracle that today is?

We’re not promised tomorrow.  People get in car wrecks.  People are diagnosed with terminal cancer. People get old. Death is completely unpreventable.

This isn’t shocking news to you, but I’m certain that you take most days for granted nonetheless. It is wholly by God’s mercy that you are alive today.

Storms are punching the eastern U.S. in the face right now.  It’s easy to focus on the random horrible things that can happen to us, like a tornado, or a fire, or a shooting.  But the vast majority of us are going to wake up tomorrow.  And this realization should bring us to a place of worship, every day.

Moved by a devotional by Spurgeon last night, I approached today’s scripture with a different perspective of God’s mercy; that how, despite my filthy self, I am given another chance to give Him my life and my all for another day. I took off for a run this morning, thanking God that I can breathe, that my legs move, that I can sustain an increased heart rate for twenty minutes, that I can stop and recover from fatigue. And, that I can walk inside and find my wife and my daughter still in bed, still alive.

The reading in Numbers describes how a stumbling, disobedient, tempted and seduced nation makes their way from a treacherous escape from Egypt to another generation surviving in the desert. Despite the constant missteps, God’s people are preserved in number: 603,550 are accounted for at the first census, and 601,730 are accounted for at the second census. Plagues, wars, famine, and consequences of sinful behavior trailed Israel, yet they persisted, and God showed Himself merciful in the end.

In the same way, may we all recognize how merciful our Lord really is.  Furthermore, He took it upon Himself to love us all the way to the cross. And even though we overlook or ignore the Son’s death, He lets us live again, letting us wake up in a bed. Again and again.

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