Work it

Psalm 111, Isaiah 9-10

I know you’re tired.  Sometimes you wonder what you’re doing all that work for.

I mean, the temporal results are obvious: income, sustenance, survival, and so on.

But the way you’re feeling is not unique or strange. In fact, it’s always felt that way, for everyone.

King Solomon encapsulated the lot of man and his labor at the opening of Ecclesiastes: all is vanity. “What profit has a man from all his labor,” he continues, “in which he toils under the sun?”

Historically, men have tried to make a name for themselves with their work; monuments, writing, and governments speckle our existence. But none last forever.

Only the Lord is eternal, and likewise, His work lasts forever.  It might be metaphysical in nature, especially with our limited cognition and consciousness, but it supersedes the fading endeavors of man.  Take a look at some of the attributes of God’s work.

His works are great

The Lord resonates through time. You’re reading a 2,000-4,000+ year old book that’s been preserved better than many historical documents and revered classical literature. We still celebrate the work of Jesus Christ as if it occurred yesterday.  His works also resonate beyond perception and explanation, despite man’s best efforts to explain all things.

His works are honorable and glorious

What separates human effort and the work of God is motive.  No matter how deep we dig, human endeavors are selfish, even if it’s cloaked in humility and even if it hurts.  No gift of ourselves is absolutely pure.

While God proclaims His jealousy in Scripture, His activity is never essentially self-serving. Furthermore, it is only the work of the Lord through us, given by His Spirit alone, that is devoid of corruption.

His works are memorable

Do you remember the day you surrendered your life to Jesus Christ? What about that time you were nearly killed in some accident, whereas the only explanation for your survival is a move of the Lord?  His hand is outstretched, and not only is it hard to miss, but it’s impossible to forget.

His works are powerful

We read of His power over death, which should be impressive enough.  We also read of His coming power as Jesus returns to earth for the great tribulation and subsequent judgment of all men. But his work is also powerful today.

He saves and maintains the inhabitants of this earth. This life and circumstances are orchestrated with great intricacy, from the cycles and orbit of the moon to the beating of your heart. None of this is coincidence. Isn’t this comforting?

His works are just and sure

Humans are highly destructive people.  Sure, we’ve made contributions everywhere, but it seems we are incapable of avoiding degeneration and bloodthirst, taking a step forward and blowing up everything around us, insisting on modifying and fixing everything to a fault.

And while we aspire to modify our environment, we know that the Lord is unmoving. He does not shift with cultures or augment His statutes for convenience. He is stout and consistent. His love is certain, and His laws are equally so.

His works are eternal

There is only one work that’s truly significant, and that is the sweeping redemption of mankind through His work on the cross. Men will build and toil, attempting to create a legacy that will outlast time and death, but nothing compares to the works of God, full of love and justice.

I hope today that you remember that your work is important and has value, but that the work of the Lord is far greater and more dependable than anything one can achieve on this earth.

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