Who am I praying to?

Acts 4

god and meteors


NASA said, if we were to hear of an asteroid striking earth in a matter of weeks, pray, because there’s nothing they can do about it.

Aside from the political ramifications attached to this article, many points of which are hotly debated between parties, it’s interesting that NASA brings up prayer — not because they, as an organization, have any inclination to earnestly do it — because many people around the world would certainly be praying.  Obviously, they’d be praying they aren’t the ones that get hit.

Would God move the meteor?  That’s an interesting question alone. But the greater concern is, are you praying to the God that COULD move the meteor?

With the exception of Washington, Oregon, and the European countries north of Denmark, most people would say they’re “religious” and they believe in God.  Do you believe in the correct God? It sounds arrogant, but there is only one God, and it’s imperative, whether or not a meteor is heading for our planet, that you have it right.

Jesus, who many religions venerate and even include in their doctrine, was very clear about something: there is only one God, and Jesus is the only means to approach Him and be saved. In other words, you can believe in “god”, but you can have it completely wrong.

After Jesus had died, rose from the dead, and then ascended to heaven, the apostles became pretty busy guys.  But they didn’t charge right in; after receiving the Holy Spirit, they begin their ministry with prayer. In the midst of their prayer, they define God they are praying to very clearly.

MASTER – He oversees the entire earth.

CREATOR – He has established all things on earth.

ETERNAL – He is not temporary or limited.

COUNSELOR – The Holy Spirit. He dwells within His people and directs them.

PURE – He cannot be corrupted.

HUMBLE – He is selfless and never proud, definitively loving.

AUTHORITY – He is in charge, over all things and all other gods.

JESUS – He said “I and the Father are one.” They are inseparable.

If this is not your God, you have it wrong. And, even more frightening, if you are praying to “god” and he/she is not who is described here, who ARE you praying to?

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