What happens at the Red Sea stays at the Red Sea – Four Truths of Hope at the Edge

Exodus 14

Sometimes we find ourselves pressed in against the shore with our enemy pursuing us from behind. At least, it seems that way. Obviously, that’s extremely vague and figurative, so be careful not to turn that into, “My boss won’t give me a raise,” or, “My favorite dish at Chili’s went up by fifty cents.” I’m talking about the real apparition of pressure — when circumstances appear hopeless, and there is virtually no escape.

It doesn’t matter if this is a real situation or if it just feels like it from where you’re standing.  While your emotions might be amplifying the situation, the way you feel is still significant.

When the pressure is on, Moses displays impressive composure, especially considering how it all started out. Here he is the middle of leading a group of former slaves from the clutches of a hardened dictator, and he reaches an impassable body of water while being pursued by, at this point in history, the most dominant military force in the world.  Naturally, the Israelites begin complaining (you can’t blame them) and suggest going back — but Moses delivers a series of commands and promises in staccato form that we can take with us.

1) Don’t be afraid.  (v. 13) This might be the most challenging step.  However, if you firmly believe that the God the Bible attests to actually exists, and you actually believe it, this shouldn’t be a major problem.
2) Stand still. (v. 13) Humans are prone to find ways to resolve difficult situations, often times making them worse because we get too anxious and have foot in mouth disease. Sometimes it’s better to just calm down. God will take care of it, if you let Him.
3)  It won’t last forever. (v. 14) Look back about five years.  You’re likely not dealing with the same garbage anymore.  If you are, it might be time to get more proactive about it. But even then, the Lord is not unconcerned, and you’re not stuck.
4) The Lord will do it.  (v. 14) Moses is specifically telling the Israelites that the Lord will fight for them — and ultimately, He did. But also we need to remember that most situations are beyond our own control, and being anxious about how we might go about taking care of it is extremely draining.  Let God take care of it.  You won’t lose awesomeness points. Promise.

Are you concerned about the way everything is going to turn out?  Good — that means you’re not apathetic.  But don’t let that apathy bleed into your faith. Quit being skeptical and give God a chance. He will do something about it.

What are some other ways God rescues us from the edge?


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