Untarnished — Eight really, really good reasons to trust God

Proverbs 16

This is a metaphor for God. I’m not suggesting trusting an actual mountains. That would be completely absurd.

My goal is to keep these analytical takes on the Bible as subjective as possible.  While even proposing adhering to a lifestyle or worldview as presented in the Bible appears dogmatic, I am merely attempting to show the content as it is.

Trusting in church and/or figureheads representing the faith is challenging as they gradually appear more suspect to the public eye. If I were to pick a sound example thus far, Tebow wins, although I bet the media are prowling, bloodthirsty for that one mistake. He’ll probably mess up, someday, because he’s a man.

Fortunately, the name of the Lord Himself has remained untarnished through millenia, which is refreshing for the believer or even the skeptic still looking beyond flawed humanity for answers. This kind of renown means trustworthiness to you, hopefully.

What happens when you’re maintaining a firm trust in the Lord? Some incredible things:

1) He speaks His will verbally. (v. 1) The “still small voice” and the “feeling in your heart”, subject to being mistaken for burning hot emotions, are inferior to this version of revelation.  What He wants will be outright and obvious, so don’t sweat it.

2) His justice is preeminent. (v. 2)  It’s good to know that God is actually looking at people’s intentions rather than personal gain.

3) His peace dominates evil. (v. 7) While the core tenets of Jesus are highly divisive, the nature of the Lord demolishes hostility.  Unless someone is pretty adamant about squashing your faith, you’re going to find that even your enemies are generally agreeable.

4) He specifically makes a way. (v. 9) How many times do you change your mind every year?  Every hour? Clinging close to the Lord creates certainty in your daily decision-making, even to the very step.

5) Happiness and virtue follow. (v. 20) Looking for contentment?  Looking to do the right thing?  It’s not far at all.

6) You become more malleable for correction. (v. 22) You’ll be reanimated when you’re suspended in disobedience.  It’s like water to clay, baby.  Water to clay.

7) You survive. (v. 25) Living long and prospering.  The author of eternity is capable of making that happen.

8) His decisions are supreme. (v. 33) You might have some good ideas.  God has even better ones.

If you’re looking beyond humanity to save you, you’re in a good place.  Humans die, eventually.  But the Lord lives forever.

But these benefits require actually, actually trusting the Lord.  I’m not talking about a leaning type of trust based on your current emotional alignment. It means really clinging, and holding on.  Don’t be afraid. He won’t let you fall, no matter how scary.  Just like this thing:


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