Unclean! – Is cleanliness next to godliness?

Leviticus 11-12
That phrase is not in the Bible, by the way. But its implications are tremendous.

I hope this is refreshing in contrast to all the election talk today.

It’s hard to vacuum everything. I vacuumed this morning and tried to be thorough, but I know I missed some areas.  Particularly involving cat litter.

And I’m sure you also do that thing where the vacuum doesn’t quite reach, and the cable is completely extended and you don’t really want to move the plug to another socket, so you say, “Well, I’ll get it next time.”

And then there’s those spots that always accumulate debris, and you break out the hose, but it seems to be taking forever to get it all, and you go, “Well, it’s gonna get dirty again next time around,” so you let some of it go.

Then there are those sections the vacuum doesn’t quite fit into, so you just skip it.  Every time. I mean, it’s not THAT dirty.  If it gets nasty, then I’ll take care of it.

We have this mentality with sin.  Yeah, obnoxiously cliche metaphor.  Deal with it. But follow me for a minute.

 1) “I tried hard enough.” This is the same argument people use about being “good enough” to get into heaven. We justify that we’ve done our best, and that God would forgive us for not eliminating that last thing, because most of our life looks pretty good. But really, you’re just being lazy.

2) “It’s clean enough.” Would you only put part of your body in the bath?  Or scrub only the outside of the dishes? God wants us to be wholly holy, not just a reasonable percentage of ourselves.  If you’re unwilling to let Jesus cleanse you from the inside out to the full extent, it might be grounds to consider your salvation altogether.

3) “That’s enough.” Life is difficult — and to presume that God is concerned with every aspect of our lives and that He can resolve every person’s every intricate challenge is arrogant.  Why should we tax God and demand His whole intervention? Many people acknowledge His omniscience, but refuse to say yes to Him.
If they don’t acknowledge His omniscience, they probably have an argument like this in their back pocket.

Cleanliness means EVERYTHING is clean.  You don’t have to change your vacuum regimen, but it might be time to reconsider your regimen of how you perceive holiness, which is just another fancy word for being set aside for God.

Not unlike how we would prefer to have our meat cooked to the appropriate temperature before consumption, God would love for His people to be contaminated to the least degree. No, not so God might consume us for His personal purpose (mmm, humans), but so He might look across His sheep and see a sea of white.

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