The Regret of God

Hindsight is 20/20, so it’s easy to say that the developers of the atomic bomb were regretful and history would be a lot less tense without the development of such a destructive weapon.  But, when they developed the technology, they must have had good intentions initially. However, humanity wielded the power of this knowledge and abused it tremendously.  Humans like to take things that are noble and pure and use them for their selfish purposes. That should be no surprise.

But can God make a mistake like that? Can God do something and later “change his mind”?

Genesis 6 is controversial (along with the next couple of chapters) because we get a snapshot of God being “sorry” for creating man (v. 6). It hints at the possibility that He was wrong in His endeavors. Watching angels have sex with human women and witnessing men ruthlessly killing one another would make anyone uneasy, but even God was troubled.

So does this verse mean God was actually reconsidering His creation?  Did He create man without the foresight to recognize that they were eventually going to screw it up?

Today, we still exist, last time I checked.  God did not wipe out the entire existence of humanity as He had initially planned to do, and it’s all because of one man.  His name was Noah. Swell guy.

Verse 7 proclaims the reason for our preservation very succinctly: “But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.” It doesn’t say what he did to make God like him so much, but it was probably the opposite of what the other guys were doing as described in verse 5.  Noah did not have evil intentions all the time, and God noticed this and relented.

And don’t get tripped up over the term “found” in that verse.  God didn’t lose Noah or hit his head really hard, and then suddenly rediscover his righteous behavior.  It’s kind of like finding the last Pop Tart in the box.  It’s relieving to know there’s still one left. Would you throw away the whole box with one Pop Tart left?  Heck no.

God did not make a mistake.  This verse simply proves that God actually has emotions, and despite His omniscience and omnipotence, He is still moved by what we do. Much like the frustration that inevitably occurs when a father sees a child disobey, God is troubled when His own decide to go the other way.

Later on, God makes a very relieving proclamation that He’s not looking to destroy the earth again.  He wants us to live.  He wants us to have a second chance. He doesn’t regret making you, at all.  Don’t hesitate to do what’s right, because God might see it.

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