The real pursuit

Micah 3, 2 Kings 12-13

I like to say I’m a writer. And if you’re reading this, you’d probably agree with that assertion.  You’re scanning text on a screen that I composed personally, and it’s written in a coherent manner, with complete sentences and clarity of thought, hopefully.

But this is exactly what I’d like to project to you.  I’d like you to believe it; I’ve developed a persona and a front that indicates I’m competent at what I do.

But is my heart always in it?

Have I used the opportunities and available time to be effective with my writing? Is my effort matching the passion that God has placed within me? I cannot say this is always the case.  I confess that I squander too much time, don’t do the proper amount of reading, and I’m not terribly consistent.

Truly, we all do this. We deceive ourselves if we believe otherwise.

You see, you say you want it, but your heart really isn’t in it. And that’s the trouble with a lot of things we do and say.

Let’s talk about this in a spiritual context, since this is a Bible blog and all.  You’d like to believe you’re a Christian, or perhaps just a spiritual person that believes in God. You can fashion it in any way you want.

But Jesus doesn’t really leave room for halfway Christianity.

He wants all or nothing.

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

Are you willing to lay it all down for the sake of the Lord? Or is this some playful religious exercise to gain approval from onlookers?

If you want change, and you’re tired of doing things halfway, consider some of these factors:

Leaving sin in the high places. (2 Kings 12:3)

Our favorite sins aren’t the things that everyone sees, but the things that we put out of sight.

In fact, some of us have put the sin so high up that we’re sure no one will see it — not even God.

Are you willing to rectify it, to put it away once and for all and reconcile with the Lord? Or is the god of Your Will Be Done more important? Perhaps this is your prompting to destroy those altars to other gods that you’ve set up — whatever you happening to be worshiping with your time/money/passions.

Teaching for hire, divining for money. (Micah 3:11)

Whereas we intend to do good on the surface, our intentions beneath can become corrupt.

I’d like to call this the god of What’s In It For Me. This is a natural human inclination, to only do things that are personally convenient or benefit the self.  Even if seems like a good deed on the surface, is God pleased with your self-serving sacrifice? Are you looking around for a pat on the back?

We’re only sorry when we’re caught. (2 Kings 13:2-6)

Just as young children, often times we’ll prance around like we own this world until we get a sharp reproof on the backside.

Integrity is only as good as the infrastructure. If you’ve placed our feet on shaky ground and things start going south, you’re inevitably going down. We must be willing to be consistent in what we do, even when “no one” is looking. Yeah, you’re going to slip up every once in a while, but how do you respond when it happens?

Don’t just be “sorry” when you get caught — humble yourself daily, or even every moment, before the Lord. The payoff is huge.


Perhaps this is the day you stop pretending and start getting real with yourself. It might require some pain, and it’s possible your pride is going to be hurt. But it’s time to step up and live life like you mean it, and to pursue God like it’s the one thing you want.  This world is counting on it.

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