The Million Dollar Mope — what a filthy rich Job can teach us average folks

The Million Dollar Man. Filthy rich. Spectacular evil character. Ordained minister?

Job 29

The Million Dollar Man. Filthy rich. Spectacular evil character.  Ordained minister?

The Million Dollar Man. Filthy rich. Spectacular evil character.
Ordained minister? Yep.

How many times has this happened to you?

You net worth is millions, and everyone in your city knows it.  In fact, when you walk around, many important people are compelled to stop and gawk at your great wealth — and it’s not because your significance rides on your riches.  Instead, your renown has to do with the intensity of your giving and your relentless pursuit of justice. God’s favor is perceptible at all times, and you are thoroughly satisfied with your life every single day.


Job had it pretty good, according to his testimony in chapter 29, before his life was altogether shattered. But to you and I, his history relates very little to our current condition, and some readers might see him as a pompous dude.

But once again, context reveals a lot more than this chapter’s supposed irrelevance — like most of the Word, it resembles a mirror that will challenge our character.

Job is reminiscing about how it once was.

It was Sunday yesterday.  I went to church, had Taco Bell, and held my daughter for hours.  That’s a pretty good day.

But if I keep thinking about how awesome that day was, nothing is going to happen today.  I’m just going to sit in this chair and get fatter and more bitter about what is to come.  It’s a new day that the Lord has given us.  What are you going to do about it?

I hear a lot of Christians in particular, although not exclusively, complain about how much better times were before so-and-so was President, or before law X was passed. Is the Lord not still on the throne? While life’s inconveniences will trip us up, keep looking forward. In this case, do not pull a Job.

Job expresses his desire for righteousness. He just wants to please God with what he has.

We all have something. What is it that you have? If you can’t remember, let Kid President help you out.

Be a good steward of what you have.  In non-Christianese, shake what the good Lord gave ya.

This world needs more talented, intelligent, and creative Christians to actually show up on the dance floor and to quit being afraid of scrutiny or the possibility of being “exposed” to something. It’s like staying inside because the sun causes cancer, or not breathing because carcinogens in the air can cause cancer.  Everything causes cancer.

But how is the world going to know that God is awesome if you’re not willing to step outside and demonstrate it by maxing out what He gave you? C’mon now.

Job’s selflessness is nearly insane.

We’re all selfish people, and you’re in great denial if you believe otherwise.  The only way to shake it off is to copy Jesus, who demonstrated the definition of service all the way to His death.  Yep, that guy again. He served the lowlifes throughout His entire ministry, touching leprous people and talking to shady women and scrubbing his own followers’ funky feet.

Before Jesus, however, there was Job. Job could’ve spent the remainder of his days making it rain in the club, but he wanted to give stuff away instead. He punched bad guys in the face and helped the hopeless. He had an others-centered lifestyle, and this made him truly content.

Are you capable of changing someone’s life today? Stop thinking about how much further you can get ahead and give someone else a hand for just a minute, even if you get nothing out of it.


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