The fortification of the heart

Psalm 48


Do you lock your door when you leave the house? Of course you do.  You don’t want your stuff stolen, right?

Do you lock the door when you’re inside? Perhaps.  Someone might have walked in without a welcome, possibly while you slept, and it scared you and your family tremendously. Or you’ve just seen too many freaky movies.

What about a dog to warn you of intruders? Have you built a fence or gate to keep people from peeping? Alarms on your car and household installed? Guns and bats under your bed? Security cameras? Moats with crocodiles? AA missiles under the porch?

Americans love their stuff.  You can make an argument that we’re just trying to keep our families safe, and I understand that. But the fear of a stranger breaking in and taking away valuable hard-earned possessions is present in millions of minds across the country. We take every security measure we can afford to make sure we don’t lose anything.

But what about your heart? Do you invest the same level of precaution to make sure your faith is intact?

The theme of Psalm 48 is protection. Inhabitants of Jerusalem feel safe because the citadel is well-fortified, and even casual onlookers are fearful. Why is it such a big deal to the people that Jerusalem is guarded? Their prize possession is the temple mount, or “Mount Zion”, and the refrain in this Psalm is that this is where the Lord dwells. Inherently, they will protect this structure at all costs.

In some denominational circles, your route to heaven is not for sure if you dive into a life of disobedience to God, while others proclaim that you are preserved eternally despite your behavior after giving your life over to the Lord. Many good people have done their homework on this subject. This isn’t my chief argument.

Do you prioritize the Lord in the same way? Is your heart fortified, protected from intrusions by falsehoods and slander? Does guarding the integrity of Jesus mean anything to you?

I encourage you to read Psalm 48 and mark the zeal portrayed by the writer, then reflect on the current positioning of your heart. Perhaps this blog today reminds us to consider the priority our relationship with God takes in our lives.

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