The Best You Have — Five ways to improve the quality of your giving (without spending any money)


Matthew 21, Numbers 17-18


I don’t think we’re giving it.

Imagine if Christians went beyond posting inspirational pictures on Facebook and started proactively being God’s people. We’d be all over the news. And the “media” isn’t stifling us; likewise, the devil can’t do anything. It comes down to us.

1) We must bear fruit. (Matthew 21:19)

If we say we’re really following Jesus, and we mean it, it’ll be obvious to people — it won’t be a secret at all. We will also be feeding hungry people — both literally and spiritually.

Jesus is shown as extremely unhappy with the fig tree only because it didn’t have any fruit. In His eyes, this tree is useless. I’m pretty sure non of us would like to fall into that category, so we should be doing all we can to avoid it.

2) We must be persistent. (Matthew 21:12-16)

I think we give up too easily. I’m not talking about forfeiting prayer or not “pressing into” Jesus, necessarily, but really being consistent and speaking up. We’ve given up on a lot of things: the world at large, the economy, California, relatives that aren’t saved, and we still go to church and stand up in front of the worship band singing that we’re surrendering all to him.  Are we really doing that? Or are we just complaining?

3) We must recognize responsibility. (Numbers 18:5-7)

In context, this passage is referring to Aaron’s role as the top priest of Israel (along with his successors), and God is emphasizing that Aaron is responsible for taking care of the tabernacle, and that this role is a privilege.

I don’t know where everyone is “assigned” (or even if what you’re doing right now is God’s assignment for you), but are you taking your role seriously? Husbands, are you really serving your wives? Employees, are you submitting to the prescribed authority.

4) Actually give your best. (Numbers 18:30-32)

It means more to God and others when we do so.  That doesn’t mean you can’t give away the leftovers, but if you have something, give that away first. It doesn’t even have to be money — it could just be time in the afternoon, or ten more minutes of prayer before getting your day started. “Your Best Life Now” has nothing to do with how much you can get, but what you have to give away.

5) Know that your best is not enough. (Numbers 18:20)

“Your best” of your own effort is insufficient and can lead to disappointment. It is only of the Holy Spirit that we can properly bring a “holy offering” to the Lord because He is our share and portion. Without the Lord, we are just empty-handed and our offerings are only self-serving.

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