Superiority Complex

Luke 4:31-37

There’s no denying that Jesus was a sort of Superman. He came to earth in a supernatural way, mystified people before puberty even set in, and even had a cool entrance with an audible God-the-Father telling people to listen to Jesus as a something similar to a dove descended upon Him in the water. Awesome.

Then He started His ministry.  According to Luke, the humans get angry first (v. 28), and then Jesus stirs up the spiritual realms.  While He’s teaching in the countryside (v. 32), a guy shows up arguing with Jesus, apparently hosting a demon that has a good idea of who this man is. Jesus tells the demon to shut up and commands it to make its way to the nearest exit, and the demon throws a brief tantrum before submitting.

The people are clearly amazed, because here’s a man that is capable of merely talking to demons and vanquishing them. There are no profound words involved; a simple “come out of him” does the trick. (v. 35)

What makes Jesus so attractive?  Why do we continue to worship Him? It’s authority — people want to know that someone is in charge of the universe.  We’ve covered this topic. Yet there’s another side to that: we do not want to believe someone else is in control.

People are fickle.  They will either accept Jesus as a man of great power and wonder, hopefully investigating further to understand that He is who He said He is, or they will deny Him completely, challenging His words, calling His followers arrogant and bigoted (often with good reason, unfortunately) and in complete disbelief that He might actually be God.

Jesus invariably wants us to make a black-or-white decision, and it’s a personal one.  You either believe did and said all that is written, or you don’t. To take parts away takes away from His authoritative stance, which He clearly establishes in chapter four of Luke’s gospel.

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