Sun spots — why bother when it’s all going to end?

Ever wonder if it’s all worth it if it’s just going to end anyway?

Ecclesiastes 1, Leviticus 24-25
The second law of thermodynamics has to do with entropy, which is just a fancy word for saying things will even out. And they usually do.

For example, you decide to place boiling water in the freezer — I have no idea why you would do this, but it’s just an example. The water will eventually cool off, and the freezer will become considerably warmer (until it can produce enough cold to compensate).

Likewise, science tells us that the sun will eventually burn out in several million years.  Assuming the end times don’t occur beforehand (which will happen if you’re a believer), this means our earth will have no true renewable energy, and we’ll all die.

It’s a morbid thought, but it is one to consider while you’re still alive since, presumably, God let you live today to read this, and you’re not dead yet. The sun is still burning, and he has you still living.

Have you thought about this? You are destined to die, but you are still alive right now. There must be a reason.

But in Ecclesiastes, the Teacher (thought to be King Solomon) has a serious problem with being alive — to him, everything is vanity.  There is nothing made or done that hasn’t already been made or done.  Even with modern technological advances, we’re really just doing the same thing: making some money, making sure we eat, raising our kids, and trying to find meaning to it all.  But we’re all going to die.  Eventually.


In Leviticus, the Israelites are commanded to keep a fire in the temple going at all times — that it’s never to go out. Ever. I’ve already used the Bangles reference, so I’ll spare you this time around. This fire symbolizes the Lord’s presence, which will never depart from the temple, let alone the people of Israel.  This same Presence, the Holy Spirit, resides within us today.

This is the only eternal thing in this universe that exists.

Wouldn’t it make sense, then, to cling to the one God that will never fade, that will never die out?

It is not ALL meaningless, my friends.  Go to work, make money, and raise your families.  Enjoy your lives.  But recognize that the focus of your life and your love should always be on the one true living God, and with the intent to emulate Jesus Christ our Lord.

As you abide in the living God, you can be certain that your efforts and accomplishments on this earth will outlast even the expiration of the sun.

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