Spiritual polygamy

Jeremiah 5-6

People love to say they’re religious. It makes them feel connected spiritually with one another, and helps them believe they’re noble, humble people.

They will say, “Yes, I believe in God,” and they make this statement with a remote connection to the God as presented in the Bible, but will also say they cannot discount other faiths or worldviews for fear of appearing intolerant or bigoted.

But many swear falsely today, just like the inhabitants of Jerusalem had done when this was written.

They like to say they believe in God, yet refuse to make any commitment to Him to the point of bending or surrendering their will, let alone showing devotion to any other god that they might encounter.

This is common. Perhaps this is even you.

We have a society of spiritual polygamists.

But even this is okay. We live in a period of hyper-tolerance, where shirking static physiological attributes is fine, as long as it feels good, baby. There are no rules, boundaries, or truths. “Just do it” has been redefined in numerous contexts, and we’ll wave a flag (or ban it) because it works at the time and it’s the most PC thing to do.

This isn’t novel at all, but it appears the United States is falling victim to this sentiment.

“As surely as the Lord lives,” they say. “I believe in God,” yet their actions say otherwise. Relativism is the way to go, and this faith has countless gods.

The Lord issues a grim declaration to Israel for their blatant disregard for His statutes and rampant hypocrisy: another nation will come along and consume them.

This actually happened in Israel, and the nation remained subservient to others until 1948 — over 2500 years after this declaration was written.

Comfortable American Christians might believe our country is impervious to such things, but indeed, a time is coming when even the mighty United States will be ruled by another, and this land’s inhabitants will be required to live contrary to what they’re used to.

We live under the banner of “United We Stand” as a country, but what Jeremiah speaks of pertains to us as well: we must serve one God or face the consequences.

What has made this country great, according to modern historians, is America’s cultural diversity and the populace’s variety of religious perspectives.

But what has divided our country more so than anything else is our increasing tolerance for new ideas, the postmodern mentality that all truths are equally valid, and the decay of critical thinking beyond what “feels good.”

But we cannot expect “God Bless America” to remain intact if we continue to live contrary to “In God We Trust”.

Shirking the prospect of one truth and one possibility of God will ultimately be the demise of the United States, which should only heighten the importance of the Christian remaining steadfast and resolute, clinging to Jesus Christ as Lord, adhering to the doctrine as presented in the Bible so that, even if the banner of our residence is changed or corrupted, the banner of our faith will remain intact and meaningful.

Despite this country and its inhabitants inclination to continue in false worship, let us heed the warning of Jeremiah and destroy our idols before we destroy ourselves.

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