Ripe Time

Revelation 15

There is no better time to make the decision to give your life to Christ than right now.

The task itself is simple, and the price has been paid.

But much like that letter you’ve been meaning to write, or that area behind the toilet you neglect to scrub, we wait to do the less convenient tasks, even if it doesn’t take long to perform.

A lot of people are hesitating to say the words, to commit to Christ as their Lord, for various reasons.

Unfortunately, there will be a day when it’s too late.

The wrath of God is complete.

The angels in Revelation are standing by. The world is about to be judged.

People often say, “Don’t judge me,” or “only God can judge me,” and so forth — but I’d rather be judged by men than God for this particular reason: God knows everything. And for those who do not know the Lord, for those left on this earth as His judgment is executed, great pain and sorrow is on the horizon, for the sin of man is great.

But people have decided that the Bible is irrelevant, outdated, and full of inconsequential admonition and tales that can only be perceived as mythical. We would rather linger in self-righteousness and temporal pleasure, hoping to “make it” to heaven by our own volition, assuming that perhaps our deeds are good enough for a passing grade, skirting the standard of perfection only achievable through Christ’s sacrifice.

But it’s not enough. The angels are standing by, awaiting God’s signal to begin the process of dividing those of the Lord and those that stand opposed. Judgment by men, in comparison, seems trivial.

Just and true are His ways.

Likewise, what gives us the ability to determine our own righteousness? Ourselves? Is there not a higher standard, and would any standard of man be considered flawless? Surely even the most noble men desire ambitions contrary to the utmost holiness of God. It is only through Christ that we can be considered worthy to be called children of God, and by no other means.

If one does not believe the Lord saves, I can see where justice and truth can falter, for on this earth there is a constant lack and longing for both. Where and what is justice? What is the truth? We can’t even be honest with ourselves, let alone others. Yet men continue to lie to others and God alike, living for nothing just and true at all, and we decidedly squander both this life and hereafter. How imminent is the Lord’s wrath!

For His judgments have been manifested.

We love to see justice executed, despite our propensity to “judge not,” as many subscribe to. Our perspective of justice varies — some desire mercy for criminals, while others would love to be the one to flip the switch and fry them all — but we all desire what’s right, whatever that might be.

One of the defining traits of our Lord is His static posture. He doesn’t waver or flip flop on things. It is, or it isn’t, and that’s it.

What troubles many is when His version of justice contradicts our own. We want it our own way, of course. It’s too inconvenient for us to change, so we attempt to augment the Lord’s justice, which is impossible, hoping to have it both ways, which is also impossible.

There will be a day when the Lord’s justice is made manifest, and there will be no more opportunity for men to behave this way.

No one was able to enter the temple.

Right now, the temple is open. We have full access to the Lord through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ — there is no one stopping the sinner from humbly approaching the Lord and finding redemption. But one day, that temple will be shut down, and none but the saved will have access. You’ll either be aligned with God, or you’ll be standing on the side of wrath. There will be no “Well, that’s good enough,” or any exemptions based on your personal good intentions.

This breaks my heart every day. I watch close family members and friends scour the earth looking for hope and finding none. Temporary pleasures float to the surface, only to lose buoyancy soon afterward and sink back to the bottom, never to be found. Some are even willing to dive underwater and risk drowning just get one more taste.

What if there were something that not only stayed afloat, but provided a lifetime of stability? What if there were a love that provided eternal security instead of the temporal nonsense that this world offers up? The what-if scenario is for real. It’s there for the taking.

So take it! What are you waiting for?

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