Responding to life’s hurricane

Matthew 10

Life smarts.  Hurricane Sandy is on the loose right now — I am grateful it will not impact me directly, but it hurts to know I’m so far away from the situation. How are we supposed to respond?

Unless you’re a professionally trained response worker, you should likely keep out of the storm.  Prayer helps. Money and post-storm recovery efforts come to mind as well.

But in truth, there’s an ongoing storm occurring worldwide.  Atheists and some agnostics would like to make it fictitious, but this world is in a constantly churning melee.  We’re pelted with sorrow, despair, anxiety and disappointment. Opportunities for rescue are abundant.

In Matthew 10, Jesus gives some rather specific commands to the disciples about what they’d be doing in the near future. It’s no fluke that we get a chance to read this — God’s Word is not an accident.  Much like the disciples, we’re presented a problem, a specific command, and a solution. If you take a step back, you can see how Jesus’ instructions directly relates to ourselves:

1) The cast. Low-lifes. Sellouts. Bigots. Zealots. Liars.  These are the people Jesus summoned.  If you can relate, you’re in good company.

2) The call. Find the lost.  Do something to help them. The call is not mysterious or cryptic — we’re to go among the people around us and do something.  Like I talked about on Friday, it’s not necessary to hop on a mission trip to do any ministry. And we’re all capable.

3) The command. This is also very simple: freely give. You have something that someone else needs to have, or you can say something that someone needs to hear.  Give it away, and expect nothing back.

4) The consequences. Jesus describes the landscape as one populated with wolves.  I believe the wolves’ teeth are even sharper now. Families will be ripped apart. You will be hated.

5) The consolation. We’re assured that if we stand firm, we’ll be saved.  Making the initial commitment to make Jesus our Lord warrants an eternal seat in heaven alone, but continuing on is proof of that commitment. And what a reward it is.

Worldwide, people are waiting to be rescued.  Are you willing to help?

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