Pairs of Beginning Sentences

Gotta put on socks before you get your shoes on. And this is the only (admittedly tacky) “pair” I could think of to use as an analogy, but it works.

Continuing a trend of “beginning” exercises, here are some pairs I was assigned.  The header indicates the theme involved.



1) I was born; the doctors knew what to do with me, but my dad didn’t, and eventually, neither did my mom.

2) When I died, it wasn’t as painful as I had expected, although the crushing sensation of my lungs refusing to reinflate was somewhat unpleasant, more so than the seemingly eager expression of my daughter’s face at my bedside.



1) Usually I would floor it in a show of 1.7 liter awesomeness, but this time I could barely move my toes to press the gas, hoping maybe she’d turn around just one more time before I left her at the door.

2) Gabe wanted to cheat too, but he had more self-control than she did, he believed, or maybe he just believed, after all these years that he, in fact, couldn’t.



1) Spring means more allergies, and I hate allergies, and I hate sneezing, and I hate butterflies and that goofy look on girls’ faces when they start wearing their stupid dresses to school.

2) The last time Seth did a backflip off the diving board, it was about 102 degrees, Emma had just finished explaining that she was in love with him, and his parents were about to explain to him he would be moving to Arkansas, where he would spend the summer playing with ants and trying to get a job at the hardware store down the street.


More to come soon…

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