Living Is Simple – Four unforgettably easy truths about who we are and who God is

Proverbs 7:6-27, Exodus 16-17

Cricket is nonsense to me.  I’ve never seen a match, but I’ve read about the game, and the complexity is overwhelming.  To the average viewer, however, American football probably looks exactly the same way. Both games are extremely complex, laden with rules and regulations to put boundaries on play, but also to keep people in check.

Humans naturally love to make things complicated — and I believe to a degree this is innate, because God has designed us in His likeness, and He had the propensity to create the elaborate world and universe we live in. We are only striving to mimic His depth and intricacies.

While nothing about complexity is necessarily sinful, apart from the development of misleading and fruitless arguing, we can muddle daily life with way too much stuff.  Life is simpler than you think.
People are simple.  (Proverbs 7:7)  The context of this verse is negative, implying lack of insight, but the truth is that everyone is like this at times.  We  are frequently impulsive, lacking self discipline — we make decisions based on desire rather than intellect.  And this sort of reactionary decision-making is not complicated at all.

Sin is simple. (Proverbs 7:10) While we might feel deceived and “tricked” by sin often times, the core nature of sin is observable and avoidable.  It is the analysis and contemplation of sin, leading to high-end justification, that makes sin so complicated in our eyes.

–  God’s provision is simple. (Exodus 16:4-5) The wealthiest people on earth can live on a dollar a day because they dwell in the contentment of what they have. They recognize the great yet simple blessings of God, while many Americans define poverty by the year of a car or an iPhone version. God granted the Israelites manna daily, and doubly so on the sixth day so they didn’t have to collect on the seventh. It only became problematic when they began to ration and store up supplies. (v. 20-21)

Love is simple. (Exodus 17:11-12) God provided for the Israelites so that they would know He is God. They didn’t have to work for it — He knew their condition and, despite their incessant whining, He came through with what they needed.
This is why Jesus did what He did: so we would see His love for what it is and get to know Him. We didn’t have to work for it, either. It’s simple. Those who substitute God’s love with something else are only making it more difficult and challenging for themselves.

Innovation definitely has its place — God would not have provided us with cognition and the urge to explore if He desired for us to sit around like the guys in Wall-E and just get fat in His grace.  But the foundation is the same: we are simple people with simple desires, and we depend on God to provide and love. Everything else is extra.

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