Keep your head on, and head on

Colossians 2:18-19


Everyone has experienced “the wall”.  You’re pounding through the last two hours of your shift when you feel your feet drag, your arms dangle like au dente spaghetti, and if you take another breather or sit down, you’re not coming back.  The wall crushes you. It takes a toll on productivity and sucks your motivation dry.

There are two things people do when this occurs.  Many people take another swig of their Monster, hoping the buzz lasts through the remainder of the shift, fearing what might happen to your composition if the boss asks you to stay late.

But some have disciplined themselves enough to take the alternative route.  They take a deep breath, and they climb over it. This requires a high degree of mental training.  Athletes and runners have conditioned themselves to push past the point of exhaustion and find another level, because they know these are the moments that count the most, when they separate themselves from potential mediocrity.

We cannot do this without strength of mind – the mind is a source of untapped ridiculousness that many people would rather waste away playing video games and watching YouTube videos.  The mind is a muscle that is literally dying to be used.

Paul describes Christ as the “head” in Colossians, and he tells us that without the Head, we are unable to function, let alone grow.  We’ll find other resources to fill our bodies and occupy our time if we are not attached to the Head.  In order for us to make any progress in our spiritual maturity, we must tap into the Head, the Person of Jesus Christ.  A substitute is vanity and devoid of substance.  Alternatives are temporary and fleeting.  They’re burned and wasted away.

What happens if there’s something else attached to the body? – figuratively, of course.  It wouldn’t make sense to have a kumquat or a Mini Cooper as a head.  I’m merely speaking of what we consume as an alternative to finding that next level.  We would quickly slide into sloth and obesity.  Our body balloons, and we’re prone to potential harm. Another sip of that Monster, and you’re on the road to a dependency on that beverage.  A donut?  A nice buzz until the next high calorie meal.

This happens in churches, unfortunately.  Rather than a healthy meal of the Word every week, some “heads” resort to the exciting or sensational to woo or retain the congregation. The church starts growing, and it metastasizes to an enormous number, but it’s full of people that don’t know where the book of Joel is or why Mt. Carmel is so funny.

And, of course, it applies to the self. An alternative to the Word results in spiritual lethargy and compromise. The truth it contains shatters the cheap plastic infrastructure of the world’s version of strength and reinforces it with refined metal.

Do you want to see growth?  Stay with the Word, and walk with Jesus.  His yoke is easy, but man, you’ll end up stronger than you’ll ever know.

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