How to defend your false god

It's easy to defend a god that you make up yourself. If you have the Lord pinned down, you're probably defending a false version.

Acts 19


It’s easy to defend a god that you make up yourself. If you have the Lord pinned down in your mind, you’re probably defending a false version.


This blog takes the position that the Lord is the only true God, being manifested in three parts, as described in the Bible.  Everything else, in this context, is a false god. It is not designed to prove this stance; plenty of intelligent authors have done an extraordinary job doing the homework and making it clear that the Lord is real.

Even in this, it’s possible to pervert what the Bible says about who God is, applying cultural or social norms to create a false god in your mind. Intentionally or not, we begin to “defend” this god.

Draw attention to the majority

Most people say they identify with Christianity, but the majority, unbelievably, don’t jive with the core tenets (Jesus raised from the dead, Jesus being the Son of God, Jesus altogether existing).

If you don’t believe any of these things, you’re worshiping a false, man-made god.  But go ahead and continue — you’re in good company, and frankly, your augmented presentation of Jesus will appeal to most of your peers.

Recognize the financial pitfalls of worshiping otherwise

Jesus is bad for the economy. Really bad. On a realistic plane, donations to church are a write-off, churches are tax-exempt, and pastors take pay without “producing” anything. Jesus even inspires self-sacrifice, which means giving up your own stuff.

Fellas gotta work on Sundays too — that’s not really the point. It’s really about the inconvenient nature of Jesus, the elements of His character that demand doing things that don’t benefit the self. But if Jesus is too challenging, I understand.

Create a disturbance — and don’t tell anyone what it’s about

One of the most obnoxious elements of the FSM is not its obvious poke at theism and blatant mockery of organized religion’s static nonsense tenets, but the massive distraction it creates from sound, logical arguments for God’s existence.

Atheism certainly isn’t the most popular or distracting “god” to worship, however. People spend hours and years chiseling and refining the god of self, manufacturing reputation and skill sets and knowledge applicable to occupations or key conversations. And it’s definitely a distraction from the greater purpose of existence.

Proclaim its established greatness

Well, you KNOW “Biblegod” doesn’t exist — or any other version of God that was presented to you recently. There’s too much evidence for the establishment of our known universe, the evolution of man, and the geological formations on earth proving its very old age. It’s piled high; public school teaches this as truth, and most smart people are on board. Why else would good experts spend billions of dollars researching this material if it weren’t true?

Since it’s already true in your mind, and you don’t want to offend people around you with a deviation from the norm or some abstract extreme idea, you just continue to herald the god of… well, nothing.

Feign righteousness through pacifism

There are plenty of good people in this world — who needs religion?

A nice argument against Christianity — and in my opinion the most effective — is its historical inclination to justify violence or other atrocious acts. Most people refuse to acknowledge that most established religions are equally guilty of horrendous deeds, and that the fault does not lie in the broken institution of religion, but rather the broken constitution of man.

But we would like to believe that we’re all pretty good people, that when we die we’ll all go to heaven, that intentions supersede faith and, really, at the heart, we’re all civil beings and that not all of us are inclined to evil. So, keep up the contrived version of god that you’ve designed in your mind, or continue to unwittingly worship yourself. It feels good, and people around you will think you’re a good person because you promote socially sound behavior anyway.


But no one is good.  Not one. Jesus’ sacrifice was nonsense if this weren’t the case.
And there is no one greater than the Lord, who created the heavens and the earth. The universe is huge and completely unnavigable to its edges; it takes great faith for me to surmise that the sheer size of it warrants a master over it all.
Stop getting distracted. Have you ever considered existence for a moment? Or has selfishness enraptured your being?
And finally, if you desire to pursue Jesus Christ, you’re going to be in a minority.

My hope is that this helps you make a decision about the Lord, about Jesus, and about eternal life through Him.

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