Hey… what are you wearing? — the priestly garments and their significance

Exodus 28-29

Another “long and boring” section, but this time it’s about the priests and their preparation for doing God’s holy work in the tabernacle. Check out their threads: Armani and Chanel have nothing on these guys.

Stoic expression included.

We’re pretty much completely saturated with loud, obnoxious clothing today.  I thought the 90s were bad, but Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are doing their part to make the absurd look… well, more absurd.  We also go through really bad fashion trends as well — share if you’d like.  I searched for examples for way too long this morning, but one in particular comes to mind: Ugg boots.  Please stop.

But the priests had some pretty complicated garments going on as well.  What’s up with that? Let’s take a look:

Every part had a purpose.  Every piece of the priestly robes either symbolized something or had functionality. My favorite piece has to be the plate they were required to wear on their turban, boldly stating: “HOLINESS TO THE LORD,” made of pure gold.  Stylish and wholly purposeful. Every color, emblem, and stone placed on the robe stood for something. You have Google.  Do the homework.

Only the best.  Aaron and company had the best of the best on hand to design their outfits. God asked skilled individuals to make the priestly robes “for glory and beauty.” If you’re going to give God something, you may as well make it the finest you have.

Complexly unique.  Beyond just looking extra fancy, the priests had to be set apart (Bible word: sanctified) to do His work.  This meant they had to LOOK set apart as well.  How else would people know they were priests?  I can conjecture that they didn’t have too many posers, either, considering both the challenge of duplicating their clothing and the bloody work they had to do.

Some points to take from this:
Wear something on purpose.  What are you dressed in today?  Whether you’re reading this on your lunch in slacks, or juggling a baby and your phone dressed in sweat pants, you all woke up wearing something this morning.  I’m not going to get too heavy on you, but think about what you put on — bitterness or resentment? Indifference? Grief? Jealousy? Get some new clothes ASAP if this is you.

God desires only the best. I’m not talking about tithing or acquiring expansive Bible knowledge, necessarily, but your overall attitude approaching each day.  Are you setting your priorities and thoughts toward honoring God, or is it just another day of apathetic work and half-hearted love?

You are unique and complex. Genetics and modern humanism often discourage people from realizing how intensely intricately designed you (and this world) really are. That’s not an accident, regardless of the circumstances of your birth or upbringing. How are people supposed to know who you are if you were made like everyone else anyway?

Take a minute to think about what you’re wearing.  You might be surprised at what you look like.

I thought this was interesting.

I thought this ended in the 90s.

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  1. Do you make these costumes? I am looking for one (High Priestly garments) and not finding any 🙁


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