Forward motion – do you struggle with it?

Are you still here?

Matthew 8

I get nostalgic often.  I just had a conversation with an old friend about a church I attended almost ten years ago.  This morning, I had a song produced in ’93 stuck in my head. I still have my NES.  Do you even know what that is?

And have you seen this video yet?

We live in the past because we believe things used to be better, as the video above explains, and because we think we’re just progressively sliding into further darkness and doom. The law of entropy and the approaching end times as the Bible describes might reinforce this notion.

If we keep thinking this way, however, we are going to miss out.

Yesterday, I talked about how Christians aren’t really doing anything interesting because we’re too afraid that God can’t use us and our eccentricities.  But sometimes we’re not doing anything interesting because we’re scared of what’s new.


Jesus was new when He walked this earth.  It bothered a lot of people, even after He died.  He told the religious leaders that following every letter of the Jewish law would not guarantee heaven or even righteousness, frustrating those that were lifelong strict, devout Jews. Unfortunately, many of them ended up missing out.

Here’s why we should keep looking ahead.

1) Jesus is looking for people with great faith (v. 10). The centurion, caught between a suppressing Roman government and a scrutinizing Jewish leadership, still approached Jesus to ask for his servant to be healed. This requires intense humility and faith. The centurion had to recognize something was different and new about Jesus to encounter Him.

2)  You’re going to get a good seat. (v. 11) I don’t know if you’re ever going to be able to afford a reservation at Fancy Restaurant X, or land that job at Cutting Edge Firm Y. But you will get a place next to some of the heavyweights of faith in heaven for sure if you latch onto Jesus.  And we will miss the chance to let others in on this if we’re not presenting Him as new and fresh.

3) You don’t want to be left out. (v. 12) Just because you’re a part of the gentleman’s club does not guarantee you a seat in heaven. We need to be moving, preferably forward. Otherwise, you’re going to be thrown out.  And you’re not coming back in.

There is nothing in the Bible that says we need to keep up.  You don’t an iPhone 5 or a new TV or car to have a fruitful life.  But we do need to keep running.


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