Feeling underrated? You’re covered.

2 Kings 4

Elisha is the ultimate O.T. O.G.

He lived in a dark time in Israel’s history, when the kingdoms were split and destined for captivity, when the kings were corrupt and blatantly refused to serve God.

But this didn’t phase Elisha.  He took the blessing his bromance Elijah handed to him and ran with it.

He got his hands dirty, allowing God to use him as a vessel to do some awesome things. What I found further interesting is how some of the stuff he does is quite similar to what Christ did, but more importantly, similar to HOW He did things.

You see, God isn’t interested in making everyone rich or “blessing” us with perfect health. There are plenty of diehard Christians worldwide that are under the threat of a sword, scraping through life, and constantly at risk of disease.

But He IS interested in the lowly.  Over and over again throughout the Bible, God professes that He is looking for the faithful, the broken and contrite heart, the obedient, and that He will provide for all of our needs.

The problem is, we begin to “necessitate” desires, and we think God isn’t blessing us when we already have, figuratively speaking, quail coming out of our nostrils. We’re spoiled people.

But there are many that are actually desperate for God’s hand, and it is through these people that God is glorified. This might be you today.

God flips things upside down

Of the five miracles described in this chapter, three of them are performed on behalf of women.

It might not seem like a big deal now, but it was backwards in a patriarchal Jewish culture.  Elisha pays special attention to the ladies when, generally speaking, the female was considered subservient to the men, and even more so, widows.

Do you feel sub-standard in this world? Sometimes we feel underrated, and like the weight of everything around us is suffocating.  But it is these people that God sees, that He responds to when they cry out.  You are not forgotten.

God is a shame destroyer

Jesus often ministered to the lowly and decrepit, and frequently shunned the wealthy and proud.

Elisha doesn’t deal too much with the wealthy until Jezebel, but his concern for the less fortunate is apparent.

The first woman is suffering because her husband had recently died and she has no way to make an income for her family.  This is a shameful circumstance in this culture. Nonetheless, God comes through and provides a way for sustenance.

A barren woman, which was considered a curse and shame upon the family, is granted the miracle of a child despite the husband’s advanced age. It appears that the man had lost faith in the Lord, resorting to polytheism and wallowing in doubt.

Then you have some not-so-sharp cooks blending strange herbs together for the sons of the prophets to eat, nearly poisoning them. Elisha comes through and makes them edible, providing sustenance in the middle of famine. Further poverty-stricken people arrive and are soon fed through bread multiplication (sound familiar)?

The Lord has great concern for the shamed and destitute. If you feel you’re too far gone, don’t hesitate to ask Him for restoration and renewal. He will deliver.

May the love of Christ and all He’s done renew your heart, wherever you’re at today.

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