Falling for God — why Christians aren’t really doing anything interesting

Exodus 37-38

Is this guy insane? Only because you wouldn’t do it.


Mr. Baumgartner is a worldwide rock star right now.  If you haven’t been paying attention, a man made an insane jump from 24 miles in the “air” yesterday — in a place where “air” isn’t very prevalent — and broke a sound barrier in the process. He had a parachute.

Humanity has developed a legacy of courage, shame, and borderline insanity throughout history.  The Bible is a panorama of these distinctions, ranging from against-all-odds military victory to horrific gang rape, from spectacular miracles to blatant disobedience. We’re never far from being extreme.

Baumgartner might come across as insane, but he’s in good company.  There’s a guy in Exodus who God called for a unique task: build an insanely complicated tabernacle, complete with gold and silver castings and extremely rare linens. Yeah, it’s not as extreme as jumping several miles from outside the world, but it’s a little bit strange. The most awesome part is that God asked him to do it, and he did.

I think Christians are gradually becoming major wusses.  No longer are we the pioneers, the innovators, the ones making history.  Instead, we garner media attention for our political alignment, for being fringe fanatics, embezzlers, child molesters, and distant from relevance in the real world.

We huddle in our church buildings and sing the same songs over and over again; we share coffee and griefs, listen to a nice speech from the pastor, and then we go home.  We go back to work for the week, not forgetting the entirety of Sunday’s discourse, but most of it dies, and we don’t really do anything about it. It just kind of sits there in our souls.  It smolders, then slowly turns to embers, and finally burns out and dissipates.

We waste God’s Word daily.

I know there are already books that talk about this stuff (Wild at Heart, Crazy Love, and Radical come to mind). The Lord has called all of us to be proactive in how we live our lives.  Talking about how horrible the government is and what kind of persecution the church is undergoing in our country isn’t going to make anything go away.

Consider this verse.  God has specifically established a work for you to do.  Are you doing it?  If you know what it is, what are you waiting for? Skydiving might be your bag.  Maybe you need to write a really eccentric novel.  Or build guitars from scratch.

We don’t have to be like this, necessarily:

But I think it’s time we show the world what we’re made of. Has God called you to do something bizarre or unique?

Would you do it already?

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