Do you believe it? — Why a lot of church-goers are suckers

Proverbs 14

Do you believe it yet?

We live in a high scrutiny society.  YouTube and Facebook make it really difficult for any person or organization of prominence to do anything stupid and get off the hook (see this guy or these guys). Becoming a celebrity — especially overnight — or running for president scares me, because I realize I’d no longer be allowed to make any mistakes unless I enjoy eternal mockery.

But when it comes to our pastors, for the most part, we find them to be trustworthy people.  They do their best to do their homework, faithfully showing up every Sunday to teach at the pulpit, and they earnestly desire to see people come to know Jesus as Lord.  They represent the truth, and because they have their Bibles open (hopefully — if they don’t, get out of there), we take every word in as truth.

Although the example is slightly worn out, the Bereans didn’t do this.  When Paul showed up in their country with a word he proclaimed as truth, these guys checked it out for themselves.

Good for them.  But my church is exciting and dynamic.  My pastor is “anointed” or “gifted.”

I am not attempting to sow discord among you and your respective ministers. It would not behoove them — in fact, it would make your church a whole lot stronger — if you opened up your own Bible and read it for yourself instead of just accepting every word they said. It is foolishness to believe every single word. Their job is to listen to the Lord and to preach the gospel.  But so is yours.

Yeah, the minister is supposed to be teaching the word, rightfully dividing the word of truth, compelled by the Holy Spirit to lead the church.  But we’re still talking about a man. Error happens. Verbal flatulence happens.

One of the most frustrating phrases in modern church, typically flowing from the dry mouths of discontent believers, is, “I’m not getting fed.” It is not up to your pastor to feed you.  If you’re getting “fed” only once a week, it’s evident that you’re not preparing your own meals.  Don’t believe every word you hear.  Quit being a baby. Get a fork and eat something.

Let’s be “scrutinizing” Christians — not grating and critical (we have enough of that for sure), but analytical and mindful. A prudent person considers every step, every word, every thought.  For the sake of the church’s future, let’s start thinking about it.

People once thought trustworthy:

(If the last one bothers you, it should. Read this compelling argument. He has a lot of Scripture lined up that I omitted for the sake of brevity.)

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