Control freaks

Revelation 5

The most grievous aspect of humanity is, despite having inclinations of order and control, that his habitation and life is always at the brink of disaster and chaos. More so than ever in history, men are capable of issuing total destruction in mere moments. On a less dramatic yet sometimes equally troublesome scale, we are uncertain of what may unfold in our day, if our health might suddenly falter, or if an uncomfortable shift in our lifestyle might take place.

Without a sturdy foothold to stand upon, or the precarious ladder missing rungs itself, this realization is unsettling. Even the staunch atheist with no “crutch” to lean upon is left to whims of this existence, the inertia of decisions catastrophically increasing in magnitude. It’s enough that our life is heading toward the certainty of death, but piled upon this inevitable end is the uncertainty of how our lives might unfold as we dwell in consciousness.

People respond to this in numerous ways, resorting to complacency, ignorance, or temporal coverings. The ones that dare to brave the storm with no method of solace are typically called authors.

But we do not have to continue living this way, as one ducking under an umbrella fearing the torrent. There is solace in our Creator, if this truth has been forgotten to the reader.

He has prevailed

Did you know that God has already overcome the world? Yes, we see the horrors of this life, on television and your social media feed, but these are temporal circumstances.

These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.

Jesus communicates that the disciples’ fate is inevitable, yet expresses confidently that He cannot be overtaken, and likewise, we are to find joy in this.

In the midst

Many people make a great mockery of our Lord today for being “invisible”, which they chalk up to God being imaginary altogether. The Bible attests to God’s unseen attributes and, likewise, the mockery His constituents would endure, but the Word also expresses that God is observable in other ways. We can hear His voice, feel His presence within us, and even taste His goodness.

He is constantly in our midst, ever present, and does not overlook our plight. At a critical moment in the future, the Lord shall arrive and save and judge the earth accordingly — but even now, He is with us.

He takes the scroll

People love endurance. A baseball player is best known for his consistency over several years, for making the routine plays on the field and for hitting on a regular basis. A manager reveres employees that produce and bear integrity every day, for being punctual and simply doing their job the way it should be.

Jesus, though living a brief life by our modern means, endured ridicule His entire ministry, and undoubtedly dealt with unprecedented temptation, but He held fast all the way through His torture and execution. He then outlasted death itself, returning from the grave, then taking up His spot in heaven. Shall we not revere Him for this display of consistency?

Who is worthy to open the scroll? The one who endured: Jesus Christ.

Sang a new song

Once the creatures and elders in heaven discover that Jesus is indeed worthy, they sing a new song.

Are you singing a new song? I think a lot of Christians are stuck on a refrain (think the belabored chorus of “How Great Is Our God” — for years), behaving the same way every day, and then expecting something to change miraculously.

You don’t have to live the way you’ve been. The Spirit, the very presence of the Lord, dwells within every believer, and if we allow His influence, we can count on a significant difference. He is worth our attention, and it is remarkable what a small portion of this attention can “fix” within us if we submit to His will.

He lives forever and ever

This life is tragically brief.  We’ll do all we can as individuals and as a society to extend our days, to live our lives in a fulfilling manner, yet in the end it is never “enough”. We’ll wrestle our way to the top, and then kick and scratch as we slide back to the bottom, and our flesh ends up in the same place.

But there is a constant: He is the Lord, and if we place our life in His hands, He will never let us go. We’ll outlast the heavens and the earth in His presence, and the fear of this world shall subside.

May we take solace in our Lord daily as He emerges, eternally, as the ruler of this existence and the King of our hearts, for those who’ve chosen Him.

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