Are you justified? — swings, murder, and peeing in your pants

Proverbs 20

I fell asleep while praying this morning.  I know you’ve never done that yourself, but it must be insulting to God nonetheless.  What kind of Christian falls asleep while talking to God, the Creator of the whole universe?

I can justify what happened all day long.  That’s what humans do.  We’re pros. We make mistakes, and then we spend our entire lives trying to bury the evidence so no one figures it out. Mass murderers, porn watchers, wine-on-the-carpet spillers.  Stuff the bodies underground, clear the browser history, slide the coffee table to the right. It’s all the same.

I peed in my pants really bad in 4th grade.  I “fell” in the dirt to try to cover it up.  It didn’t work.

And even more ridiculous is how we try to “hide” our sins from God through justification or relative reasoning.  “I lied to my wife, but at least I didn’t cheat on her,” or, “It’s not like I killed someone.  I didn’t even mean to get him fired. I just gotta protect my family.”

We all have our own versions of righteousness. (v. 6) In elementary school, there has to be a standard for how many swings you get.  If one kid says 30, and the next kid says 50, disaster will ensue thereafter.  Likewise, what if one society believes killing yourself is an act of justice while another believes it’s an unpardonable sin?

No one is completely guiltless, either. (v. 9)  It doesn’t matter where you were raised, what kind of parents you had, or what country you’re from.  No one can make a claim that they’ve completely wiped out their history of sin.  It can’t even be done in a confession booth.

Only God can justify us. (v. 22) If you don’t believe it, try this exercise: go to every single person you’ve ever hurt in your lifetime and convince them to like you or befriend you all over again. It’ll take you your entire lifetime, and you will likely fail to get everyone convinced.

Heaven requires perfection — that’s what makes it heaven.  And you’re not perfect. So what do you do?

You know where this is going now, huh?

Jesus is not a joke.  He is a historical figure that existed, walked the earth as both God and man, and died for all sin so that we have a way to heaven without having to “catch up”. This is old news, but it’s good news.  If you know it already, live it.  If you don’t, do something about it.  If you know someone that doesn’t know, tell them.  It might just mean everything.

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