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The Word + trapdoor = trapword

The Bible is generally regarded as archaic, outdated, and irrelevant, yet it still mystifies people worldwide.

This is not an accident. The Bible survives because countless people still draw inspiration from it daily.  But it’s also often misunderstood, abused, and watered down.

trapword.com exists to provide clarity.  The Bible can make sense, if looked at objectively and with the context of reality. But it takes observation beyond the surface to reveal the “mystery” of the Word.  Not unlike a trapdoor, the Bible contains countless surprises waiting to be discovered.

In addition to Bible commentary, trapword.com also features compelling fiction and interesting lists for your reading enjoyment.


  1. pleases remove my email from your home page. my name is mari and i don’t want any correspondence. Jesus is Lord!

    • You won’t get any e-mail — that’s just a cookie putting your email in the subscription box. No one else sees that.

  2. thanks for your concern but i still see my email posted on “stuff people have said lately. another good website is goodfight.org that exposes deceptions in the world and in the church especially the theater and cup of joe blogs.are you familiar with jesusfreakhideout.com ? i think you will enjoy it. mari

    • Your e-mail is there because you put your e-mail in the “Name” section of your comment on the video game post. I cannot edit the comment — it would be best to delete the comment and repost it, if you wish, with your regular name in the “Name” section.
      The reason you’re required to enter your e-mail in the “E-mail” field is not for correspondence, but for avoiding spam on my end. But don’t put your e-mail in the “Name” field.

  3. sorry about the confusion.how do i delete and repost? mari


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