A legacy of service

2 Samuel 23


I’m sure many have already drawn the comparison between aspects of the Bible and Star Wars. At times, it appears that Lucas borrows directly from the Bible to complete some of the more compelling stories in his hit series.

The foundation of the series is the Jedi, a strong group of self-disciplined individuals who refrain from aggression and resort to patience, only stirred up to fight when absolutely necessary and only with the goal of peace.

Although I’m not wholly familiar with their code of ethics, it’s obvious that their mind, not a geographic territory or particular enemy, is the battleground. They can be swayed into serving the Dark Side if they resort to fear, hatred, or exorbitant levels of passion.

In other words, instead of following their hearts, their overall goal is to adhere to the truth at all costs. The Jedi code forbids otherwise.


The end of 2 Samuel recounts some of David’s personal soldiers and their great deeds throughout David’s reign. If you’re familiar with the background, David’s period on the throne hasn’t exactly been characterized by stability, but in the end, his guys stick with him through the most arduous situations.

It’s inspiring, hearing about these 30-odd guys with a legacy of service and fortitude.  Enemies conquered their home land, the kingdom was split, and on multiple occasions David himself was exiled from his own throne, but the “mighty men” protect their king, God’s anointed.

It’s rare to see something like that today.  Loyalty is typically conditional among humans; if something doesn’t benefit ourselves or if any sign of failure is afoot, we’ll switch to another person or brand without really thinking it through, even if our history with said entity has been relatively steady.

Christians, you are not exempt from this behavior.  Divorce still happens, we’re still fickle about churches and restaurants, and frankly, our desire to serve Jesus is typically driven by convenience and guilt rather than love and service.

Conversely, we must desire to establish a legacy of service and loyalty to our God first, and then all others.  It’s not exactly a glorious ambition, but we will certainly live in a constant state of peace. Much like “The Force,” this is only possible by the Holy Spirit — if you depend on your feelings and what seems right in your own mind, you will inevitably fail.

Humans are unstable, fickle, selfish people by nature.  If you don’t believe that, then you’ve been deceived. A follower of Jesus Christ will quickly confess their faults and recognize how rotten they truly are, and that they’ve only been made new through renewal and self-discipline born of the Spirit, not by any human efforts.

Everyone thinks the Jedi are awesome because they stand for integrity and loyalty.  These mighty men of David bore similar attributes.  We have a Biblical example, and we have a Lucasian example.  Let’s re-establish that reputation among those who see us. The stability of our world depends on it.

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