#40: Whiplash (2014)

When and how did I watch this?

March 14th, 2017, on Amazon Instant Video.

Had I seen this film already?


What did I know about the movie before watching it?

Went into this one blind.

What do I know about it now?

What a waste of a spot on the list.  This is ranked among some of the finest films ever made, yet the film finally manages to turn a corner without completely destroying itself toward the very end, and even then resorts to endless cliches in order to do so. I’ve seen Glee episodes that were put together better. Let’s begin by saying the music — and naturally, the sound — is fantastic, and minus the relentless unnecessary profanity, Fletcher (Simmons) plays a convincing role as a has-been musician and revered conductor with a dark classroom persona. Some of the editing is nice, but most of the shots are pretty basic. I didn’t care about any other characters besides Fletcher, including our poor drummer (Teller) who cries and grimaces way too much even in his hardened final state.  The “romance” is a complete throwaway and appears to be a filler for a movie struggling to stretch itself to two hours. Paul Reiser is a waste; I think he’s supposed to be that dad who doesn’t believe in his son, but appears totally unconvincing in the end when he comforts his son sort-of when he fails — at the core, it’s another cliche, but even then it falls flat as a theme that could’ve been used better in the film. I’m not sure if this is a joke or a fanboy moment, but this film shouldn’t be sniffing the Top 250 at all, let alone insulting the likes of Rear Window and Saving Private Ryan by lingering a few ranks below. Wow.

What are some themes in the film?

Being a wuss or practicing a lot, being a jerk of a teacher, sibling rivalries, wearing out the viewer with no plot

Did this affect me personally?

The concluding drum solo was pretty nifty.

Why is this ranked #40?

Can someone help me out here?

Did my wife watch/like it?

My wife grimaced.  My buddy who came over to watch it was confused. I was disgusted.  I should’ve saved us all and turned the thing off.  Ironically, my internet fell out temporarily about ten minutes before the film’s conclusion.  Like a car wreck, we continued.

Would I watch it again?

Find me an edit of all things musical in it, and I’d listen to it.

Would I recommend it to a friend?


Does it deserve to be on this list as one of the greatest films of all time?

I’d be wasting my time attempting to justify this film’s position on a greatest list.

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