The direct, divine influence of God

Psalm 65 ———– Last night, I drove a stick shift for the first time in approximately a year.  I learned how to drive in a manual transmission, so the general premise of the thing wasn’t lost on me; however, I was surprised how difficult it was to shift into various gears, because, being the vehicle […]

Are you listening?

Romans 10 ————- The irony of this post is that the two groups of people it pertains to — those that attend church weekly who find correction difficult, and those who are unwilling to accept the gospel — are not going to read this. But I think we could all do a better job listening. […]

To serve or not to serve — choosing your god for today

Joshua 23-24 —————– Did you know you can decide, on a moment-to-moment basis, who you’d like to worship? In the United States, where religion has always been a grab bag, that claim seems ridiculous — more so recently than historically — and religion at large isn’t really a big deal here. Most people in this […]

What it’s (supposed to be) like to become a Christian

Acts 9 ——– Many of my blogs insist on Christians doing things a little bit better. And we certainly have room for improvement. But we often confuse behavioral improvement with the process that God sets forth when we’re saved.  Our humanity resists change when God insists on it, if you haven’t noticed by now. But […]

It’s okay to be afraid.

Joshua 1 ———– One of the most frustrating aspects of the Christian church subculture is this unspoken understanding that we’re all supposed to be okay, that, through the immeasurable strength of the Lord, we should always be sturdy and strong and happy, and most importantly so at the very moment we cross the threshold of […]

What you do now actually does matter later. Yes, everything.

Deuteronomy 33-34, Job 20 ———————————– I haven’t been a father for very long, but I’m aware of the impact I’ve already had on my daughter. She’s a happy girl.  I suppose I’m gushing a little, but it bears significance. I don’t suggest that my methods of living my life are superior to others, but the […]

Me against the world — what to do about your bad day/life

Job 19 ——– If you scroll through the Facebook feed or begin discussions with co-workers, you’ll soon find out that a lot of people are under the impression that life is terrible. Let’s face it–the economy is going downhill, war is everywhere, they’re taking God and guns away, kids are bullying and shooting their classmates, […]

Social theocracy — how we turn the Bible into ballistic missiles

Acts 7 ———   We don’t live in a theocracy. While the country might have been founded on Christian moral principles, the United States has never enforced particular religious values upon its citizens as law — although it can argued that the original guys employed Biblical tenets to compose the Constitution. In many cultures around […]

They have nothing on you: the testimony of Stephen

Acts 6-7 ———– Christians revere Stephen as the first martyr for the gospel in the Bible, but the man did a lot more than just get killed for standing up for Jesus.  In front of the high authorities of the time, he spoke about numerous truths regarding the abuses God’s people have taken versus God’s […]

What to do about… well, you know.

Acts 5 ——– Right now, people of all creeds and political alignment are very concerned about current events in this country (namely the gay marriage topic), and Christians are struggling to define what’s going on and how to respond.  There are churches who stand on both sides, and the population at large is nearly even […]

Is the Old Testament obsolete? — what to do about “silly laws” in the Bible

Deuteronomy 23-24 ———————— I recently made a proclamation on Facebook that a lot of ethics that “conservatives” (by default — Christians) subscribe to are considered outdated and archaic. People that are unfamiliar with the Bible would agree that some of the established moral standards are definitely intact and applicable today: – Don’t pee or take […]

Why talking about Jesus bothers people, and why you should do it anyway

Acts 4 ——– If you say you believe in God, most people won’t throw a fit. Some might walk away thinking you’re delusional, but the great majority of people will “respect your beliefs,” as long as you don’t talk about it anymore. However, bringing up Jesus usually causes serious problems. If you get lucky, you’ll […]