Top 25 Greatest Christian Rock Bands of All Time

Christian music has come a long way since the first time Jesus followers dared to strap on electric guitars despite initial resistance from the conservative majority. As time has passed, the Christian sub-culture has warmed to the idea, and forming a rock band under the steeple is generally considered acceptable these days. Because Christian rock was late […]

15 Greatest Christian Crossover Artists

The Christian crossover phenomenon is a unique one indeed. But the line is very wide and very, very grey, so we need to set some parameters immediately: This list consists of bands that have been played on both Christian and mainstream radio stations and have sold music in Christian bookstores. The bands don’t necessarily have to […]

Top 15 bands you’re missing (or already missed) because you keep listening to KLOVE or Air1

It’s exhausting hearing the same bands over and over again on KLOVE and Air1. Some listeners might be grateful to have these stations in their area (as opposed to nothing at all), but for people looking for variety, it is borderline torture. The redundancy of artists cycling through their daily playlists is astounding. Without question, […]

Top Ten Worship Songs That Just Won’t Go Away

  Ah, worship songs.  Those all-too singable tunes we hear every Sunday morning, constructed of no more than five easy chords and at least one sentence looped eight times.  On the way to church on Sundays, we ask ourselves, “What’s the worship leader going to play today? I hope it’s ‘One Thing Remains’. I love […]