Best Picturesque: The 77th – Finding the Million Dollar Aviator

What makes an Oscar winner? I have no idea, really.  But I can take a guess by watching each Best Picture winner, regardless of if I’ve already seen it, at random years, and then watching the two nominees with the most Oscar nominations for that year to find out, in my pompous assessment, if the Academy […]

Top 11 Animated Films on the IMDb Top 250

When we think “animated”, often times we think of cartoons and screwball jokes and a prepubescent target audience. But animation is a medium that allows for high fantasy and effects not possible with live action — even with CGI — employing creatures that push imaginative boundaries and painting brand new landscapes, and all of these […]

Top 10 Overrated Films on the IMDb Top 250

Perhaps without you knowing anything about movies, there are some films in the lower ranks of the IMDb Top 250 that obviously don’t even deserve to be revered as all-time greats, but there are others still worthy of a spot somewhere on the list that have climbed higher into the user-rated ranking system than their actual […]